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It’s that time of the year again, when academics buried in grading are happily distracted by the pleasures of shopping for holiday presents.

To help you all with your structured procrastination, I’ve written this post to remind you that the artwork of the philosophers who create the Daily Nous Philosophy Comics is available to purchase—in multiple formats.

For example, remember the magnificent “Philosophy Department Office Map?” by Pete Mandik, the artist behind Mind Chunks? You can get it as a poster for your home or office:

(succulent not included)

Of course, that’s just one of the many combinations of designs and products available at Pete’s shop.

The playful wit of Tanya Kastochka, the creator of To φ Or Not To φ, is on display on a wide range of items. Here, her “Existentialist Quantifier” appears on a tote bag.

Bag is BYOB (bring your own beret)

Carry it around with you and confound everyone with its transgressive mix of philosophical references. It’s one of many products available at Tanya’s new shop. But also take a look at her other shop, too for even more items.

Ryan Lake, the creator of Chaospet, knows that sometimes a thought experiment is too impractical a gift. What are you going to do with a brain in a vat? And who is going to take care of it when you’re out of town? At least a mug with a clever joke about brains in vats, well, perhaps that could give someone the gift of the misimpression that they’re too clever to be a brain in vat.

note: mug not suitable for use as brain vat

Worse comes to worst they just use it for coffee. In any event, there’s more than just mugs and brains at Ryan’s shop, so check it out! 

There is always the gift of wisdom, and for that you may be interested in what Rachel Katler, the artist behind Ad Hoc, has on offer. Perhaps someone you know wants stickers they could post on various things informing people how to distinguish philosophers from vampires, or perhaps a scarf that one could unfurl whenever one needs to learn the lesson of the little engine that could (choose to be a utilitarian), or maybe a shirt that explains why it’s turtles all the way down, and not, say, giraffes:

product note: the shirts themselves no longer go all the way down, as that posed a tripping hazard

You’ll see all that and more when you visit Rachel’s shop.

Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting these philosopher-artists!

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