Application Fee for a Tenure-Track Job

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Milan is looking to fill a tenure-track position in applied ethics. To apply, send the university your CV, a sampling of your writing, and €25.82 ($28).

Stefanos – 20 Euro Note

The application requirements (also downloadable here), which include the fee, were brought to my attention by someone on the job market who writes:

I must say that I find this quite problematic from an ethical point of view (discouragement of people to apply, especially people from low-income countries or background). I have never seen this before in Europe. I discussed this with a colleague from Italy, who said that this is not a general practice in Italy. 

It isn’t the norm in the United States, either.

This particular fee (probably imposed by the university, not the Department of Philosophy) isn’t that steep, but were other institutions to start charging similar ones, someone who applies to, say, 36 jobs, could be put out $1000—not an insignificant amount for most people, and possibly prohibitively costly for graduate students, adjuncts, and others looking for stable long-term employment.

What other schools charge a job application fee? Have any departments been successful in convincing their universities not to charge them (perhaps by paying them)? Have any individuals tried to get such fees waived? Discussion welcome.

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