Velleman from NYU to Johns Hopkins (updated)

J. David Velleman, currently professor of philosophy at New York University, has accepted an offer from the Department of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). 

Professor Velleman will hold the Miller Research Professorship in Philosophy at JHU. He is known for his work in moral philosophy. Links to many of his papers and books can be found here.

The Miller Professorship is named for William H. “Bill” Miller III, who last year donated $75 million to the JHU Department of Philosophy.

Professor Velleman takes up his new position January 1st, 2020. (See updated, below.)

(via Steven Gross)

UPDATE: Professor Velleman wrote in with a clarification: “I am retiring from NYU at the end of this academic year, and Hopkins is appointing me as a Research Professor, which is not a regular faculty position…  I am retiring and in retirement I will be a Research Professor at Hopkins.”


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Steven Gross
4 years ago

My sincere apologies to David and Daily Nous for not supplying more and clearer information!