Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books. This particular update covers the past week and the week before that.




  1. Structuralism in the Philosophy of Mathematics, by Erich Reck (California-Riverside) and Georg Schiemer (Wein).
  2. Aesthetics of the Everyday, by Yuriko Saito.
  3. Nishida Kitarō, by John C. Maraldo.
  4. Fiction, by Fred Kroon (Auckland) and Alberto Voltolini (Torino).
  5. Anaxagoras, by Patricia Curd.
  6. Formal Approaches to Social Procedures, by Jan van Eijck and Rineke, by L.C. Verbrugge.
  7. Moral Epistemology, by Richmond Campbell.
  8. Epistemic Utility Arguments for Probabilism, by Richard Pettigrew.
  9. Christian von Ehrenfels, by Robin Rollinger and Carlo Ierna.
  10. Quantum Approaches to Consciousness, by Harald Atmanspacher.
  11. Huayan Buddhism, by Bryan Van Norden (Vassar) and Nicholaos Jones (Alabama-Huntsville).
  12. Supererogation, by David Heyd.



  1. Philip Stratton-Lake (Reading) reviews Rossian Ethics: W.D. Ross and Contemporary Moral Theory (Oxford), by David Phillips.
  2. Barry Allen (McMaster) reviews Power and Technology: A Philosophical and Ethical Analysis (Rowman and Littlefield), by Faridun Sattarov.
  3. Andrew Lister (Queen’s University) reviews Governing Least: A New England Libertarianism (Oxford), by Dan Moller.
  4. Darrell P. Rowbottom (Lingnan) reviews Resisting Scientific Realism (Cambridge), by K. Brad Wray.
  5. Máté Veres (ELTE, Budapest/CEU, Budapest) reviews How to Be a Pyrrhonist: The Practice and Significance of Pyrrhonian Skepticism (Cambridge), by Richard Bett.
  6. Scott F. Aikin (Vanderbilt) reviews Deweyan Experimentalism and the Problem of Method in Political Philosophy (Routledge), by Joshua Forstenzer.
  7. Jaroslav Peregrin (Czech Academy of Sciences/University of Hradec Králové) reviews Proof and Falsity: A Logical Investigation (Cambridge) by Nils Kurbis.
  8. Sophia Vasalou (Birmingham) reviews Reconstructing Schopenhauer’s Ethics: Hope, Compassion, and Animal Welfare (Oxford), by Sandra Shapshay.

1000-Word Philosophy

Wireless Philosophy

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews & Books Reviewed By Philosophers in Non-Academic Media 

  1. Jonathan Rée reviews Wittgenstein’s Family Letters: Corresponding with Ludwig, edited by Brian McGuinness, translated by Peter Winslow, at the London Review of Books.
  2. Daniel Kodsi reviews On Mercy by Malcolm Bull, at The Oxonian Review.
  3. Philip Kitcher reviews Why Trust Science? by Naomi Oreskes, with Ottmar Edenhofer, Martin Kowarsch, Jon A. Krosnick, Marc Lange, Susan Lindee, and Stephen Macedo, at Boston Review.
  4. Oliver Traldi reviews What Snowflakes Get Right by Ulrich Baer and The First: How To Think About Hate Speech, Campus Speech, Religious Speech, Fake News, Post-Truth, and Donald Trump by Stanley Fish, at Arc.

Compiled by Michael Glawson.

BONUS: When will the AI outsmart us?

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4 years ago

Structuralism in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Fiction and Huayan Buddhism are new articles. Also, IEP has new articles.