Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books.




  1. John Scottus Eriugena, by Dermot Moran and Adrian Guiu.
  2. Identity and Individuality in Quantum Theory, by Steven French.
  3. Samuel Ibn Tibbon, by James T. Robinson.
  4. Privacy and Information Technology, by Jeroen van den Hoven, Martijn Blaauw, Wolter Pieters, and Martijn Warnier.
  5. Conservatism, by Andy Hamilton.
  6. Counterfactual Theories of Causation, by Peter Menzies and Helen Beebee.



  1. Colleen McCluskey (Saint Louis) reviews The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Ethics (Cambridge), by Thomas Williams (ed.).
  2. Samuel Talcott (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia) reviews The Technique of Thought: Nancy, Laruelle, Malabou, and Stiegler after Naturalism (Minnesota), by Ian James.
  3. Jonathan Tallant (Nottingham) reviews Ontology, Modality, and Mind: Themes from the Metaphysics of E. J. Lowe (Oxford), by Alexander Carruth, Sophie Gibb, and John Heil (eds.).
  4. Daniel Collette (Marquette) reviews The Other Pascals: The Philosophy of Jacqueline Pascal, Gilberte Pascal Périer, and Marguerite Périer (Notre Dame), by John J. Conley.

1000-Word Philosophy

Wireless Philosophy

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Jedediah Britton-Purdy reviews In The Shadow of Justice: Postwar Liberalism and the Remaking of Political Philosophy by Katrina Forrester at The New Republic.
  2. Tracy Lee Simmons reviews the Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers Series by Cicero, Seneca, Epictetus, et al at City Journal.

Compiled by Michael Glawson.

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