How Philosophy Fits Into Your School’s Gen Ed Requirements

What role do philosophy courses play in the general education requirements of your college or university?

László Moholy-Nagy, “Z II”

Reasons for the inclusion of philosophy in such requirements—which vary in form and content from school to school—range from claims about the intrinsic value of studying philosophy and its instrumental benefits to students (and perhaps, indirectly, the public), to the role that offering required courses plays in the existence and status of philosophy departments, including whether there is a philosophy major, minor, or other programs.

A philosophy professor recently wrote in about this:

My university is currently undergoing a revision of our General Education curriculum. Obviously, it is important for a philosophy department to have a role in their institution’s Gen Ed or Core Curriculum. There is probably quite a bit of variety in philosophy’s involvement in Gen Eds from institution to institution. It would be helpful to get a glimpse of this variety. I wonder if it would be possible to invite Daily Nous readers to briefly describe their department’s role in their Gen Ed?

I think this would indeed be helpful. Also of interest would be accounts of what worked in advocating for philosophy’s role in the required curriculum.

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