Study on Philosophy Job Market Underway

A team of researchers is conducting a study of the job market in academic philosophy and is currently seeking participants.

[Donald Judd, untitled works]

Charles Lassiter (philosophy, Gonzaga University), Shane Wilkins (philosophy, USDA), and Sarah Arpin (psychology, Gonzaga University) write in with the following description and request:

If you are planning to apply for academic jobs this year, we hope you’ll consider participating in our study “The Philosophy Job Market: Applicant Profiles and CV Review.” 
Our aim in this first phase is to get a picture of job market applicants: what journals are they publishing in (if at all)? for how many classes are they the instructor of record (if at all)? There has been, as far as we know, no systematic attempt to collect information about people going into the job market. In the second phase of this study, we will the collected information to randomly generate CVs and investigate the behavior of potential search committee members in reviewing them.

In consultation with the Gonzaga University IRB, it was determined that IRB approval was not needed for this phase project. IRB approval will be obtained for the second phase. Nonetheless, all responses will be kept private and information secured on the hard drives of the investigators.
The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Participants will be entered into a drawing for two $25 Amazon gift cards. If you are willing to participate, you can find the survey here. Please email Charles Lassiter at [email protected] if you have any questions.
The results of the study will be made available here and at other sites, including The Philosophers’ Cocoon, Leiter Reports, and Phil Archive.

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