Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books.

Below is a list of recent updates, if there have been any, to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), 1000-Word Philosophy, and Wireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi). There’s also a section listing recent reviews of philosophy books appearing in popular media.



  1. Frank Ramsey, by Fraser MacBride (Manchester), Mathieu Marion (Quebec-Montreal), María José Frápolli (Granada), Dorothy Edgington (Oxford), Edward Elliott (Leeds), Sebastian Lutz, and Jeffrey Paris.
  2. Genetics, by James Tabery (Utah).


  1. Logic and Games, by Wilfrid Hodges (King’s College, University of London) and Jouko Väänänen (Notre Dame).
  2. Connectionism, by Cameron Buckner (Houston) and James Garson (Houston).
  3. The Equivalence of Mass and Energy, by Francisco Fernflores (Cal Poly).
  4. Normative Theories of Rational Choice: Expected Utility, by R. A. Briggs (Stanford).
  5. The Epistemic Basing Relation, by Keith Allen Korcz (Louisiana).
  6. Madhyamaka, by Richard Hayes (New Mexico).
  7. Representational Theories of Consciousness, by William Lycan (Connecticut).



  1. David Faraci (Durham) reviews Moral Philosophy (Routledge), by Jussi Suikkanen and Antti Kauppinen (eds.).
  2. Christopher Hamilton (King’s College London) reviews Werner Herzog: Filmmaker and Philosopher (Bloomsbury), by Richard Eldridge.
  3. Ed Pluth (California State-Chico) reviews Malebranche: Theological Figure, Being 2 (Columbia), by Alain Badiou.
  4. Antonio Vassallo (Barcelona) reviews Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Theory (Princeton), by Tim Maudlin.
  5. Jack Spencer (MIT) reviews Newcomb’s Problem (Cambridge), by Arif Ahmed (ed.).
  6. Sandra Shapshay (Hunter College-CUNY) reviews Art as Human Practice: An Aesthetics (Bloomsbury), by Georg W. Bertram.
  7. Amy M. Schmitter (Alberta) reviews Affects, Actions and Passions in Spinoza: The Unity of Body and Mind (Edinburgh), by Chantal Jaquet.
  8. David Phillips (Houston) reviews The Birth of Ethics: Reconstructing the Role and Nature of Morality (Oxford), by Philip Pettit.
  9. Marcus Arvan (Tampa) reviews A Defense of Simulated Experience: New Noble Lies (Routledge), by Mark Silcox.
  10. Chris Haufe (Case Western Reserve) reviews Speculation: Within and About Science (Oxford), by Peter Achinstein.

1000-Word Philosophy

Wireless Philosophy

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Marina Bolotnikova reviews In the Shadow of Justice: Postwar Liberalism and the Remaking of Political Philosophy (Princeton) by Katrina Forrester.
  2. The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes (W. W. Norton & Company) by Donald D. Hoffman is reviewed at Kirkus Reviews.

BONUS: “Do you think it’s ever possible to truly know what it’s like to be Thomas Nagel?

Compiled by Michael Glawson

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Nicky Drake
4 years ago

There’s an open parenthesis missing from “Wilfrid Hodges (King’s College, University of London).”

Thanks for these posts, they’re very useful.