The latest Mini-Heap…

  1. “The term ‘medieval’ is a sticky one and won’t go away, but in combination with ‘philosophy’ it will continue to sound like an oxymoron. “ — Martin Lenz (Groningen) on problems with “medieval philosophy”
  2. The philosophy of smugness — it’s “akin to both bullshitting and epistemic insouciance in virtue of its normative carelessness” says Grant Rozeboom (St. Norbert)
  3. Language, logic, and the future for the Anglo-American tradition in philosophy — a conversation between Saul Kripke (CUNY) and Timothy Williamson (Oxford)
  4. “When you act wrongly, you incur a debt of sorts” — and this helps get at the difference between good and bad excuses, according to Pauline Sliwa (Cambridge)
  5. “I think the better way to look at the world is as structured around the ‘stuff we’re all going along with'” — Olúfẹmi O. Táíwò (Georgetown) is interviewed by Richard Marshall on political philosophy, race, climate change, and other topics
  6. “If cryonics works, then society—including law and ethics—will radically change” — Patrick Lin (Cal Poly) discusses the ethics of waking the dead and other issues related to cryonics
  7. “Since pro-choice positions depend on more precise and complex theoretical thinking, they are harder to effectively communicate” — Nathan Nobis (Morehouse) and Kristina Grob (South Carolina, Sumter) on the communication of arguments about abortion

Mini-Heap posts appear when 7 or so new items accumulate in the Heap of Links, the ever-growing collection of items from around the web that may be of interest to philosophers.

The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap. Thanks!


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