Time for a new Mini-Heap.

  1. A virtual conference, “David Lewis and his place in the history of analytic philosophy,” is taking place over the next couple of days— you can watch it live and submit questions for the q&a’s
  2. “No superintelligence could never become so intelligent as to put all philosophical questions permanently to rest”— Eric Schwitzgebel (Riverside) on whether philosophy will ever come to an end
  3. “Those who take themselves to be fighting for ethical and political progress ought to be fostering a culture in which critics feel free to challenge their beliefs and ideals”— Jonny Thakkar (Swarthmore) on political correctness
  4. The PEA Soup blog turns 15! — reflections on its history from David Shoemaker (Tulane) and some of the site’s other contributors
  5. “The standard journal article has severe repercussions on the way we teach and practise scholarship in the history of philosophy”— “It narrows our way of reading texts and counters attempts at diversification of the canon,” argues Martin Lenz (Groningen)
  6. “It is better when many people are at a lower quality of life than a few at a higher quality of life”— Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm) in an interviewed at Vox
  7. Universities are under siege because they “represent an idea of society that contains freedom and social solidarity”— Daniel Peres (Federal University of Bahia-Brazil) on the Brazilian government’s attack on higher education

Mini-Heap posts appear when 7 or so new items accumulate in the Heap of Links, the ever-growing collection of items from around the web that may be of interest to philosophers.

The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap. Thanks!


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