UGA Philosophy Grad Student Cleared of Misconduct Charges

The University of Georgia (UGA) has determined that Irami Osei-Frimpong, a philosophy graduate student and teaching assistant at the school, did not violate the school’s code of conduct.

Irami Osei-Frimpong [photo by Joshua Jones, The Athens Banner-Herald]

As reported earlier, Osei-Frimpong was the target of complaints by Andrew Lawrence, a recent alumnus of the school, who objected to remarks Osei-Frimpong made about race at a meeting of the Young Democrats of UGA club. The University initially defended Osei-Frimpong’s free speech rights, but then, after Lawrence urged other alumni to withhold donations, it launched an investigation of the graduate student.

The university ended up accusing Osei-Frimpong with “failing to list on his application for admission that he had attended the University of Chicago and he had once been arrested, but not charged, in a political demonstration,” according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

The panel that adjudicated the charges found that Osei-Frimpong “had not furnished false information to the university and had not omitted ‘facts which are material’ from his UGA admission application.”

In an email Osei-Frimpong sent regarding his case, according to the Banner-Herald, he names five university administrators involved in the university’s investigation of him, and writes:

According to the investigative report, all of these people had the discretionary power to resolve this situation months ago; instead, they loaded down a panel of students and one staff person with the responsibility with presenting, adjudicating, and dismissing the Administration’s hastily contrived case. It strikes me that either each one of these people is very bad at his/her job … or their job was to hassle me and send a message about how the University Administration retaliates against political speech.

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