Cornell Hires Nichols, Hübner, and Pavese

The Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University has made three senior hires: Shaun Nichols (currently at the University of Arizona), Karolina Hübner (currently at the University of Toronto), and Carlotta Pavese (currently at Duke University).

Shaun Nichols, Karolina Hübner, and Carlotta Pavese

Shaun Nichols was hired at the rank of full professor. He works in experimental philosophy, moral philosophy, moral psychology, free will and responsibility, philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and related areas.

Karolina Hübner and Carlotta Pavese were hired as associate professors.

Professor Hübner works in the history of metaphysics and philosophy of mind, particularly early modern philosophy, Jewish philosophy, philosophy of religion, and Spinoza.

Professor Pavese works in epistemology, action theory, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language.

You can learn more about their work at their websites (links in the first mention of their names). All three philosophers will be starting at Cornell this Fall.

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