Addressing Philosophy Departments’ Lack of Diversity

The Demographics in Philosophy project will be holding a session at the upcoming Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA) in Vancouver.

Noting that women account for just 25% of all philosophy faculty in the U.S., black philosophers account for only about 1-4% of all philosophy faculty, and that disabled philosophers continue to be underrepresented, those involved with organizing the session are looking for ideas about what departments of philosophy can do to address these disparities.

The session, scheduled for the morning of April 18th, will start with a brief presentation on diversity in philosophy departments and then continue with an open discussion with a panel of representatives from sixteen philosophy departments.

After the session, the organizers—Sherri Conklin (UC Santa Barbara), Nicole Hassoun (Binghamton University), and Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside)—hope to partner with departments to collect more data on what works to improve diversity and to develop a toolbox of helpful practices.

Readers are encouraged to share ideas in the comments here, at the APA session, and by email to [email protected].

Sarah Morris, “No One Can Play A Game Alone / Sound Graph 5” (detail)



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