Wheeling Jesuit University Eliminates Philosophy Department (Updated)

Wheeling Jesuit University (WJU), a Catholic college in West Virginia, is eliminating its Department of Philosophy, including laying off its tenured faculty and ceasing course offerings, in an attempt to overcome financial difficulties.

The rest of the liberal arts will be eliminated, too, according to local news outlets. The university declared itself to be in a state of financial exigency in March, and has decided that eviscerating the core academic components of the typical university is the best way to stay in business. This is somewhat surprising, as Jesuit schools tend to emphasize philosophy and theology in their curriculum.

WJU will be retaining its pre-professional programs and its sports programs.

(Thanks to Kristen Irwin for sharing this news.)

UPDATE (4/11/19): In light of the academic cuts, the Jesuits have now severed their ties with the university. Thanks to Stephen Grimm and Kevin Scott for sharing this news.

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