Bring a Distinguished Philosopher to Your Campus

The Phi Beta Kappa Society, an academic organization that recognizes academic achievement and promotes education, runs a program by which undergraduates at different institutions across the United States can “spend time with some of America’s most distinguished scholars.”

The Visiting Scholars Program selects a new group of scholars annually who “travel to more than 100 colleges and universities each year, spending two days on each campus and taking full part in the academic life of the institution. They meet informally with students and faculty members, participate in classroom discussions and seminars, and give a public lecture open to the academic community and the general public.”

Among the 2019-2020 visiting scholars is one philosophy professor, R. Jay Wallace of the University of California, Berkeley. Another philosopher, Susan Wolf, will be among the 2020-2021 visiting scholars. Philosophers among the past years’ groups of visiting scholars include Philip Kitcher, Tyler Burge, Martha Nussbaum, Hubert Dreyfus, and others.

If you’re at a qualifying campus (which I believe is one that has a student chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on it) and interested in having a free visit from a philosopher or one of the other fellows, you can request one from a link on this page.

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