Job Materials as PDFs Please

“Job candidates should submit their materials as PDFs. References should absolutely do the same with their letters. That is the end of my TED talk. Thank you.”

That’s advice from Katia Vavova (Mt. Holyoke) which I was asked to amplify. Microsoft Word and other word-processing attachments risk certain annoyances. She elaborates:

Every time I open one of them I get the error message about all the missing fonts. You make me open Word? You make pop up window open? You make me have to click ignore on error message? NO JOB FOR YOU. (JKJK but SERIOUSLY.) Also, c’mon letter writers. You are ADULTS. You should know better! But also: you really want to grant everyone with the file access to an electronic version of your signature? Especially people who HAD TO CLICK TO CLOSE THE ERROR WINDOW???

I’d listen to her, folks.



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