Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books.

Below are recent updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), 1000-Word PhilosophyWireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), as well as new book reviews at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR) and reviews of philosophy books in the popular press.




  1. Analogy and Analogical Reasoning, by Paul Bartha (British Columbia).
  2. Propositional Dynamic Logic, by Nicolas Troquard and Philippe Balbiani.
  3. Miracles, by Timothy McGrew (Western Michigan).
  4. Afterlife, by William Hasker and Charles Taliaferro (St. Olaf).
  5. Anton Marty, by Robin Rollinger and Hynek Janousek.
  6. Imagination, by Shen-yi Liao and Tamar Gendler (Yale).


  1. Science and Ideology, by Eric C. Martin (Baylor).


  1. Charles E. Scott (Penn State / Vanderbilt) reviews Heidegger’s Poietic Writings: From Contributions to Philosophy to The Event (Indiana), by Daniele Vallega-Neu.
  2. Johannes Haag (Potsdam) reviews Sellars and the History of Modern Philosophy (Routledge), by Luca Corti and Antonio M. Nunziante (eds.).
  3. James R. O’Shea (University College Dublin) reviews Kantian Nonconceptualism (Palgrave), by Dennis Schulting (ed.).
  4. Frederick Neuhouser (Barnard College, Columbia) reviews The Actual and the Rational: Hegel and Objective Spirit (Chicago), by Jean-François Kerevégan.
  5. Dimitri Ginev (Konstanz) reviews Science as Social Existence: Heidegger and the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge (Open Book), by Jeff Kochan.
  6. Jonathan L. Kvanvig (Washington-St. Louis) reviews The Greatest Possible Being (Oxford), by Jeff Speaks.
  7. Shannon Hoff (Memorial University of Newfoundland) reviews The Dash — The Other Side of Absolute Knowing (MIT), by Rebecca Comay and Frank Ruda.
  8. Michael Rohlf (Catholic University of America) reviews Kant, God and Metaphysics: The Secret Thorn (Routledge), by Edward Kanterian.
  9. Simon Blackburn (Trinity College, Cambridge) reviews Hume, Passion, and Action (Oxford), by Elizabeth S. Radcliffe.

1000-Word Philosophy

Wireless Philosophy

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. John Kaag reviews Aristotle’s Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life, by Edith Hall at The New York Times.
  2. John Williams reviews Diderot And The Art Of Thinking Freely, by Andrew S. Curran, at The New York Times
  3. Steven Klein reviews Economy And Society: Selected Writings, by Karl Polanyi at The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Compiled by Michael Glawson.

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