What Do UK Philosophy Majors Do After They Graduate?

How many of those who graduate with a degree in philosophy in the UK are employed six months after graduation? What kinds of jobs do they get?

Answers to these and related questions can be found in the results of a survey of recent graduates in many fields by Laura Greaves (for Luminate, a part of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit), published this past October in the report, “What Do Graduates Do?

Here are the philosophy results:

from “What Do Graduates Do?” by Laura Greaves (Luminate, Higher Education Careers Services Unit)

You can see how philosophy compares to other humanities disciplines:

This report was brought to my attention via a posting to PHILOS-L by Francisco Salinas, a graduate student at University College London who is studying “the sociological elements of philosophical practice in contemporary Britain.” He is looking for additional statistics or records about the career paths followed by people who did a BA, MA or PhDs in Philosophy in the UK. If you know of any, please share it in the comments.

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5 years ago

Any comparable data for other Anglophone countries?

Giustino Ferrucci
Giustino Ferrucci
5 years ago

They had the graphics coloured by a psychopath