An Online Trove of Ethics Case Studies

The Media Ethics Initiative at the University of Texas, Austin “exists to promote and publicize research on the ethical choices involved in media use.” One of the ways it has done this is by creating a large, varied and free online collection of ethics case studies.

The initiative’s founder and director, Scott R. Stroud, says  “I think many of those teaching philosophy and ethics classes could find a use for these interesting case studies.” The case studies in the collection are not limited to matters of media ethics.  Stroud adds, “I’ve even used some in my aesthetics courses outside of communication, so they’re not limited to media-specific courses.”

There are several cases in each categories (some cases fall into multiple categories), and the categories include subjects such as Free Speech, Aesthetics, Art, and Ethics, Digital Ethics, Health Communication Ethics, Sports Media, Advertising, and others.

Each case study describes the issue and is accompanied by discussion questions and suggestions for further reading. You can access them all here and learn of new additions to the collection by following the Media Ethics Initiative on Twitter or Facebook.

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