Made By Philosophers!

If you are still in the market for presents, or just want some cool philosophy stuff…

…you should check out the gifts designed by the philosophers who create the Daily Nous Philosophy Comics. Each of them has a variety of goods and designs on offer.

In Pete Mandik’s shop you’ll find, for example, his instant-classic “Phenomenology: it’s what it’s like” on shirts, posters, and more, plus many other designs.

Rachel Katler’s shop features an assortment of goodies adorned with her work, including the popular “Why Turtles?” It’s easy to see a mug with that on it in a philosopher’s collection, but there’s more than just mugs for sale.

Ryan Lake’s shop has several of his designs in several formats, such as his brilliant mash-up of two famous philosophical thought experiments, “P-Zombie Bats.”

And last but not least we have Tanya Kostochka’s shop, filled with gems such as her “Thought Experiment Support Group,” which you can order as a pillow—to support where the thought experiments happen—along with many other delights.


Happy gift getting!

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Dale Miller
5 years ago

I just purchased some cool portraits of philosophers by philosopher Renee Jorgensen Bolinger.: