Philosophers Whose Names Match Their Specializations

Which philosophers have names that reflect what they study and write about?

That was a question posed by Kris McDaniel (Syracuse) on Facebook recently. He wasn’t after general aptonyms like philosopher John Wisdom, but rather ones whose names are well-suited to their particular areas of specialization.

He provided several great examples, which he graciously permitted me to share here:

  • Arthur Prior – philosophy of time
  • Gerald Vision – philosophy of perception
  • Jeff Speaks – philosophy of language
  • Terry Godlove – philosophy of religion
  • Edward Kanterian – Kant scholar
  • A.W. Moore – infinity
  • Philip Bricker – concrete modal realism
  • C.D. Broad – a wide range of philosophical interests

A few others mentioned in that thread include:

  • Francis Edgeworth – marginal utility (from Martin O’Neill)
  • Jonathan Way – instrumental reason, guidance (from Pekka Väyrynen and Clayton Littlejohn)
  • Craig Callender – philosophy of time (from me)

I’m sure there are others. Readers?

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