Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books. 

We check out and report on updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), 1000-Word PhilosophyWireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), and occasionally some other sites, as well as new book reviews at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR) and in the popular press. If you notice any reviews of books by philosophers in non-academic venues, please let us know. Thanks!




  1. Philosophy of Education, by Harvey Siegel (Miami), D.C. Phillips (Stanford), and Eamonn Callan (Stanford).



  1. Jeffrey Hanson (Human Flourishing Program at Harvard) reviews Kierkegaard and Religion: Personality, Character, and Virtue (Cambridge), by Sylvia Walsh.
  2. Ryan Byerly (Sheffield) reviews Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology (Oxford), by Matthew A. Benton, John Hawthorne, and Dani Rabinowitz (eds.).
  3. Mark Jago (Nottingham) reviews Truth and the World: An Explanationist Theory (Routledge), by Jonathan Tallant.
  4. Joel E. Mann (St. Norbert College) reviews What a Philosopher Is: Becoming Nietzsche (Chicago), by Laurence Lampert.
  5. Peter Dietsch (Montréal) reviews Justice and the Meritocratic State (Routledge), by Thomas Mulligan.
  6. Ray Brassier (American University of Beirut) reviews Sellars and Contemporary Philosophy (Routledge), by David Pereplyotchik and Deborah R. Barnbaum (eds.).

1000-Word Philosophy

  1. Social Contract Theory, by David Antonini (Clemson).

Wireless Philosophy

Bonus: How to make human-level artificial intelligence.

Compiled by @MichaelGlawson (University of South Carolina)

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