Philosophy-related links for your consideration, AKA Mini-Heap:


  1. “If scientists can disagree for years on end, what does this mean for the objectivity of science?” — Scientific American brings in a philosopher—Kevin Zollman (CMU)—to discuss a philosophical question—and he picks a good one
  2. “The types of skills we’re bringing in are psychologists, philosophers, that type of profile, that can solve really complex philosophical problems” — IBM exec Ana Paula Assis, speaking at Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Summit”
  3. What does the latest academic hoax show? — ten things, says Eric Schliesser (Amsterdam)
  4. The meaning and value of interestingness — discussed by Lorraine Besser (Middlebury)
  5. “One of the biggest things I have experienced as a trans student [in philosophy] has been silence” — and “in the face of intensifying anti-trans rhetoric… silence begins to look like complicity.”
  6. “This hoax thus doesn’t tell us anything at all about the overall quality of the academic subfields targeted” — James Stacey Taylor (College of New Jersey) argues that the hoax was neither interesting nor unethical
  7. Should we be held morally responsible for our actions? — a discussion between Gregg Caruso (SUNY Corning) and Daniel Dennett (Tufts)
  8. Hiking with Nietzsche — John Kaag (U Mass, Lowell) reflects on Nietzsche’s life, his own, and philosophy
  9. Minorities and Philosophy (MAP-UK) now has a blog — and a revamped website. Check it out
  10. Connecting philosophy to a character’s fortune and building a story around it — Barry Lam (Vassar), the creator of the marvelous Hi-Phi Nation, shares some of his secrets


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