Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the Monday morning report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books. 

We check out and report on updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), 1000-Word PhilosophyWireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), and occasionally some other sites, as well as new book reviews at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR) and in the popular press. If you notice any reviews of books by philosophers in non-academic venues, please let us know. Thanks!



  1. Ibn Rushd’s Natural Philosophy, by Josép Puig Montada (Complutense University of Madrid).
  2. Philippa Foot, by John Hacker-Wright (Guelph).
  3. Ibn Sina’s Logic, by Riccardo Strobino (Tufts).
  4. Proof Theory, by Michael Rathjen (Leeds) and Wilfried Sieg (Carnegie Mellon).


  1. Relative Identity, by Harry Deutsch and Pawel Garbacz (Catholic University of Lublin).
  2. Harriet Taylor Mill, by Dale E. Miller (Old Dominion).
  3. Blame, by Neal Tognazzini ( and D. Justin Coates (Western Washington).
  4. Truth, by Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern).
  5. The Definition of Art, by Thomas Adajian (James Madison).
  6. Intention, by Kieran Setiya (MIT).


  1. Explication, by Moritz Cordes (Greifswald).


  1. Frank Jackson (Australian National) reviews Quality and Content: Essays on Consciousness, Representation, and Modality (Oxford), by Joseph Levine.
  2. Jennifer McWeeny (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) reviews Differences: Rereading Beauvoir and Irigaray, by Emily Anne Parker and Anne Van Leeuwen.
  3. Glen A. Mazis (Penn State-Harrisburg) reviews The Birth of Sense: Generative Passivity in Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy (Ohio), by Don Beith.
  4. Jill Frank (Cornell) reviews Persuasion, Reflection, Judgment: Ancillae Vitae (Indiana), by Randolphe Gasché.
  5. Johnny Washington (Missouri State) reviews African American Contributions to the Americas’ Cultures: A Critical Edition of Lectures of Alain Locke (Palgrave Macmillan), by Jacoby Adeshei Carter.
  6. John M. Doris (Washington University, St. Louis) and Santiago Amaya (Universidad de los Andes) review Epistemic Situationism (Oxford), by Abrol Fairweather and Mark Alfano (eds.).
  7. Matthew Kostelecky (St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta) reviews Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Hypostatic Union (Cambridge), by Michael Gorman.
  8. Daniel D. Hutto (Wollongong) reviews The Philosophical Imagination: Selected Essays (Oxford), by Richard Moran.
  9. Nomy Arpaly (Brown) reviews Humean Nature: How Desire Explains Action, Thought, and Feeling (Oxford), by Neil Sinhababu.

1000-Word Philosophy

  1. Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought, by David Antonini (Clemson).

Wireless Philosophy Ø

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media Ø

Bonus: Regret of studying philosophy.

Compiled by @MichaelGlawson (University of South Carolina)

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