“We’re Going to Get More, and More Interesting, Kinds of Philosophy”

That’s, uh, me, from a conversation with Daniel Kaufman (Missouri State) on his Sophia program on MeaningOfLife.tv.

Yes, it was the event that regular readers of Daily Nous had been hotly anticipating. “Finally, we’ll have a chance to hear what Weinberg and Kaufman think!”

We start off with some talk about Daily Nous, but then move into a conversation about how to characterize what philosophers do and how philosophy makes progress.

There’s some discussion of the infrastructure of the philosophy profession and the American Philosophical Association, popular demand for philosophy, and various forms of public philosophy. We also talk about threats to philosophy and the humanities more generally, and the future of philosophy.

The quote that forms the title of this post comes towards the end of the program, where I make what may strike some readers as a number of highly implausible claims about the growth, diversification, and quality of philosophy.

Don’t miss the brief guest appearance by Dan’s dog at the 5:26 mark.

You can watch the program at the Sophia site, where there are links to some of its segments, or below.

Thanks for having me on, Dan!

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