Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report of new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books. 

We check out and report on updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), 1000-Word PhilosophyWireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), and occasionally some other sites, as well as new book reviews at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR) and in the popular press (if you notice any reviews of books by philosophers in non-academic venues, please let us know. Thanks!



  1. Xunzi, by Paul R. Goldin (Pennsylvania).
  2. Sex and Sexuality, by Raja Halwani (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).


  1. John Buridan, by Jack Zupko (Alberta).
  2. The Problem of Dirty Hands, by C.A.J. Coady (Melbourne).


  1. Two-Dimensional Semantics, by Jens Kipper (Cologne).


  1. Alex Worsnip (North Carolina-Chapel Hill) reviews The Normativity of Rationality (Oxford), by Benjamin Kiesewetter.
  2. Chris Bobonich (Stanford) reviews Virtue and Law in Plato and Beyond (Oxford), by Julia Annas.
  3. Edward S. Hinchman (Florida State) reviews Social Epistemology and Epistemic Agency: Decentralizing Epistemic Agency (Rowman and Littlefield), by Patrick J. Reider (ed.).
  4. Maeve Cooke (University College Dublin) reviews Knowledge and Ideology: The Epistemology of Social and Political Critique (Cambridge), by Michael Morris.

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Wireless Philosophy Ø

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media  Ø

Bonus: Ethics of organ redistribution

Compiled by @MichaelGlawson (University of South Carolina)

Disputed Moral Issues - Mark Timmons - Oxford University Press
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