New Journal: “Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice” (corrected)

A new journal, “Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice,” will have its inaugural issue in winter 2019. It will be an annual, interdisciplinary, online and open-access journal.

Nicknamed “P4,” the journal will publish “philosophical and/or empirical research on precollege philosophy and its impact and interaction with related areas such as public philosophy, dialogue-based education, ethics education, and human development.”

The journal’s editor is Michael Burroughs, assistant professor of philosophy at California State University, Bakersfield and director of its Kegley Institute of EthicsWendy Turgeon, professor of philosophy and interim executive dean at St. Joseph’s College, is the journal’s associate editor. [Note: this paragraph has been edited to correct an error regarding the journal’s editorship.]

The journal, to be published by Philosophy Documentation Center,  is open-access owing to its sponsorship by the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO), the Kegley Institute of Ethics, and the Squire Family Foundation.

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Michael Burroughs
Michael Burroughs
5 years ago

Thanks for the post! Just a note on the journal: Michael Burroughs serves as editor and Wendy Turgeon serves as associate editor. Our first issue is on uses of dialogue in precollege and public philosophy. Our authors are as follows:

Myisha Cherry – “In Conversation, In Service”
Barry Lam – “The Use of Storytelling for Philosophical Engagement”
Robyn Gee and Larry Nucci – “From Peer Discourse to Critical Moral Perspectives: Teaching for Engaged Reasoning”
Amy Reed-Sandoval – “Can Philosophy for Children Contribute to Decolonization?”
Kristopher G. Phillips – “The Kids are Alright: Philosophical Dialogue and the Utah Lyceum”
Adam Briggle – “Dialogue and Next Generation Philosophy”
Kyle Robertson – “Inside Conversations: Ethics Bowl and Transformative Dialogue in San Quentin