Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 11 recent items of interest to philosophers (and others interested in philosophy) from the Daily Nous Heap of Links

(The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap.)


  1. Don’t raise the significance level; acknowledge the significance of Bayes — David Papineau (KCL) explains Bayesianism and why it is important for addressing today’s replication crises
  2. Avital Ronell (NYU), accused of sexually harassing a male philosophy student, has horrible friends — here’s an article about that stupid letter they wrote in support of her, including their pathetic defenses of it and their bizarre conspiracy theories
  3. The time before dystopia — Is there a lesson in its omission from most dystopian fiction?
  4. Waiting for a response from a philosophy journal? There’s an app for that. — from Jonathan Weisberg (Toronto), a little app that displays wait time forecasts and data from the APA Journal Survey
  5. How to give a good gift — Jennifer J. Rothschild (Florida) on giving gifts well
  6. “Feminists should challenge the ways patriarchy and fear violently constrain the ways being a woman can be embodied and enacted” — Aaron Jaffe (Juilliard) on recent discussions in philosophy about trans women
  7. A bet made 20 years ago, for a case of fine wine, over whether, within 25 years, someone would discover a specific signature of consciousness in the brain — Christof Koch, a neuroscientist, bet in favor. David Chalmers bet against.
  8. Philosophy illustrated, New Yorker Style — in the actual New Yorker, by Edward Steed
  9. Two new operas: one about Walter Benjamin and one about Hannah Arendt — debuting in Germany this season, and reviewed in the NYT
  10. “Philosophy is a social institution with its own set of hierarchies, vested interests, and professional norms which can be quite orthogonal to truth, knowledge, and justice” — Robin Zheng (Yale-NUS) interviewed about her recent work on contingent labor and gender in academia
  11. “But new to me is this fresh, rude thought: This is it.” — Philosopher and poet Brook J. Sadler (USF) is the 2018 Spring Poetry Winner at Causeway Lit




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