$860,000 Grant to Study Kantian Ethics

What is the “political-theoretical background” of the central concepts of Kantian ethics? Pauline Kleingeld, professor of philosophy at the University of Groningen, was just awarded a €745,000 (approximately $860,000) grant to find out.

The grant is from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, or NWO). Professor Kleingeld’s project, “Universal Moral Laws: A New Approach to Kant and Kantian Ethics” was one of twelve winners in NWO’s “Free Competition Humanities” program, and the only one led by a philosopher.

The project will look at the “key concepts in Kant’s universalistic ethics such as moral ‘legislation’ and ‘autonomy’, human ‘dignity’, and ‘freedom’ of the will” and “investigate the possibilities for developing a convincing modern Kantian ethics.”

There’s some further information here.

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