Lebron Wins Hiett Prize in the Humanities

Chris Lebron, associate professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University, is the winner of the 2018 Hiett Prize in the Humanities.

The Hiett Prize is given to a person “ascending in a career devoted to the humanities and whose work shows extraordinary promise to have a significant impact on contemporary culture.” It includes a $50,000 award.

Professor Lebron works in social and political philosophy, the philosophy of race, and democratic theory. He is the author of two books: The Color of Our Shame: Race and Justice In Our Time (which won the American Political Science Association Foundations of Political Theory First Book Prize) and The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of An Ideaboth published by Oxford University Press.

The Hiett Prize was created in 2005 and is given annually. Professor Lebron is the second philosopher to have won the prize (the first was Scott Samuelson). Previous winners are listed here.

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