10 recent items of interest to philosophers (and others interested in philosophy) from the Daily Nous Heap of Links. That’s right, it’s time for Mini-Heap!

(The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap.)

  1. The aesthetics of music usually is focused on the listening, but what about the playing? — Mary Beth Willard (Weber State) on how “there’s just something gorgeous about the feeling when the fingering, after lots of practice, becomes natural.”
  2. Friedrich Nietzsche or Janelle Monáe? — can you guess who said what? (via Jean Kazez)
  3. On productivity and types of careers in philosophy — Schliesser replies to Aboulafia
  4. “I would still say to anyone who might be considering getting a philosopher as a father, don’t do it!” — philosophers on fatherhood, in the NYT
  5. “Our political divisions… now run so deep as to subvert our attempts to explain the dangers they pose” — Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt) on why “we ought to give up the idea that there is such a thing as fake news”
  6. There has been more forced “eugenic” sterilization recently than you might think — and the chair of a philosophy department signed off on some of it. Robert Wilson (La Trobe) explains.
  7. DN readers can get 20% off tix for the big HowTheLightGetsIn philosophy festival — just use the code “DNous20” at checkout
  8. “The hand of Kant lies behind both Bohr and Kuhn.” and it’s Kant who “pulled off the grandest intellectual hocus-pocus in scholarly history” — Tim Maudlin (NYU) reviews a pair of popular books on science and philosophy
  9. Business Ethics Quarterly issues “Expression of Concern” over self-plagiarism case (via Michael Dougherty)
  10. “Neither a victory for the right wing nor a tragedy for the left wing, but a call to both sides of the culture wars to cool off and do better.” — John Corvino (Wayne State) on the gay wedding cake case decision (via What’s Wrong)
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Colin McGinn
Colin McGinn
6 years ago

Monae is also a much better dancer and singer than Nietzsche–a lot more talented. See her Tightrope video.

Laurence B McCullough
Laurence B McCullough
6 years ago

The definition of plagiarism is that one represents as one’s own the ideas and words of others. On this account, ‘self-plagiarism’ names an empty set. The article linked uses ‘redundant publication’ and ‘duplication’ which are accurate.