Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report of new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books. 

For those who missed it, last week we added a new section to the weekly update: “Reviews of Philosophy Books in the Popular Press”. This section contains links to recent reviews of books by academic philosophers that are published in non-academic venues, such as newspapers, magazines, literary websites, etc. Since there are many such possible venues, your assistance in noticing relevant reviews would be much appreciated: if you see something, please send in the link. Thanks!

The new section joins the rest of our weekly survey of online philosophy resources, which includes the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), 1000-Word PhilosophyWireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), and occasionally some other sites.

(The Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update usually appears on Monday but we had a delay this week owing to some technical issues. Sorry about that.)



  1. Skepticism and Content Externalism, by Michael McKinsey (Wayne State).


  1. Identity, by Harold Noonan (Nottingham) and Ben Curtis (Nottingham Trent).
  2. Jane Addams, by Maurice Hamington (portland State).
  3. Medieval Theories of the Emotions, by Simo Knuuttila (Helsinki).
  4. Négritude, by Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia).
  5. Michel Foucault, by Gary Gutting (Notre Dame) and Johanna Oksala (Helsinki).
  6. Quine’s New Foundations, by Thomas Forster (Cambridge).

1000-Word Philosophy

  1. Time Travel, by Taylor W. Cyr (St. Louis-Washington).


  1. John J. Stuhr (Emory) reviews Pragmatism and the European Traditions: Encounters with Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology Before the Great Divide (Routledge), by Maria Baghramian and Sarin Marchetti (eds.).
  2. Carlos Montemayor (San Francisco State) reviews Philosophy of Time and Perceptual Experience (Routledge), by Sean Enda Power.
  3. Justin Remhof (Old Dominion) reviews Nietzsche’s Metaphysics of the Will to Power: The Possibility of Value (Cambridge), by Tsarina Doyle.
  4. Judith Lynn Failer (Indiana-Bloomington) reviews Reasonableness and Fairness: A Historical Theory (Cambridge), by Christopher McMahon.
  5. Donald A. Landes (Université Laval) reviews Bergson: Thinking Beyond the Human Condition (Bloomsbury), by Keith Ansell-Pearson.

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Julian Baggini covers eight books on moral philosophy in his article, “Time to abandon grand ethical theories?” in the Times Literary Supplement.
  2. Barbara Cassin’s Google Me: One Click Democracy reviewed by James Edward Draney in Public Books.

Compiled by @MichaelGlawson(University of South Carolina)


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