APA Election Results

The results of the 2018 American Philosophical Association (APA) elections have been released. Elections were held for new divisional officers, a new at-large member of the APA Board of Officers, and two new members of the Graduate Student Council (GSC).

The new Member-at Large of the APA’s Board of Officers is R. Lanier Anderson (Stanford University).

The new Eastern Division officers will be:

The new Central Division officers will be:

The new Pacific Division officers will be:

The new members of the Graduate Student Council will be:

According to the APA’s announcement, newly elected members will begin their terms on July 1. With the exception of nominating committee members, whose terms vary by division, and GSC members, whose terms are listed below, the newly elected officers will serve three-year terms ending June 30, 2021. Divisional vice presidents serve a one-year term as vice president, followed by a one-year term as president, and finally a one-year term as past president.

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