Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 recent items of interest to philosophers (and others interested in philosophy) from the Daily Nous Heap of Links.

(The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap.)

  1. Free speech, hate speech, respect, and human dignity — Tina Botts (CSU Fresno) comments on the controversy regarding a professor’s controversial tweets about Barbara Bush
  2. In her new one-woman (and one-dog) show, Isabella Rossellini “transforms herself into Aristotle, Descartes, F.S. Skinner, Charles Darwin, and more, to deliver a vivid monologue about the brilliance of the animal kingdom” — it’s called “Link Link Circus” (via Jeff Sebo, who taught Rossellini in a course on animal minds & consulted on a draft of the script’s philosophical material)
  3. In modern investment terms, Thales bought call options on the olive presses and paid a small premium for the option — why was this “one of the most important events… in market history”?
  4. To say that “all accusations should be taken seriously and pursued” is “a way of saying we confer presumptive credibility on accusers, not that we simply believe without question every accusation” — Linda Martín Alcoff (CUNY) on sexual assault, repentant sexists, and accountability
  5. “Our common institutional setting induces social-epistemic similarities between philosophy and science, despite the cultural or methodological differences between us” — an interview with Liam Kofi Bright (Carnegie Mellon)
  6. A statue of Mary Wollstonecraft will be erected in Newington Green in north London — it will be by artist Maggi Hambling
  7. “I think that philosophy of science can be a great bridge between science and the public. It’s almost like science journalism at a very sophisticated level.” — Eric Winsberg (South Florida) is interviewed as part of the Dialogues on Disability series
  8. Antiheroes (e.g., Tony Soprano, Walter White) are among people’s favorite characters; what about antiheroines? — Adriana Clavel-Vazquez (Hull) on aesthetics, imagination, and the “rough heroine”
  9. Why honor matters — Tamler Sommers (Houston) talks honor, dignity, courage, and philosophy with Robert Wright
  10. The death of Wittgenstein’s boyfriend almost drove him to suicide — John Preston (Reading) on David Pinsent
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