Here’s the latest Mini-Heap—10 recent items of interest to philosophers (and others interested in philosophy) from the Daily Nous Heap of Links.

(The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap.)

  1. Interestingness: is it a fundamental value? — Lorraine Besser (Middlebury) on “the sense of being engaged, enthralled, or captivated by a certain experience”
  2. “I don’t like my mother,” a 38-year-old Nietzsche wrote to a friend. — “In truth, at this point, Franziska Nietzsche probably didn’t particularly like her son either.” Happy Mother’s Day, from the Nietzsche’s.
  3. How did “imagination” become a hot topic in philosophy? — Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna) tells part of the story
  4. Where to find the left arm of Thomas Aquinas — it’s next to some unknown person’s preserved heart
  5. Experimental psychologists find that “responses to [trolley-like] hypothetical dilemmas are not predictive of real-life dilemma behavior” — that such hypotheticals were not intended to generate predictions is only one problem with this research project
  6. Filmmaker Errol Morris writes about Kuhn, Putnam, and Chomsky — and includes excerpts from his interviews with the latter two
  7. How “Spinoza’s Dream,” by David Nachmanoff, came to be — it’s an album on which each song is about a different philosopher
  8. There is such a thing as character, but we mostly lack virtues and vices — Christian Miller (Wake Forest) in conversation with Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt)
  9. Do we have a right not to be lonely? — Kimberley Brownlee (Warwick) considers the question
  10. Why the lecture has a place “at the cutting edge of higher education” — Amanda Fulford (Leeds Trinity) and Áine Mahon (UCD) defend the much-maligned form of teaching
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