Symposium on Tuvel’s Transracialism Article

Philosophy Today has just published a special symposium, “Rebecca Tuvel and her Interlocutors,” which includes articles that examine the methodology and arguments in her paper, “In Defense of Transracialism,” that caused such a controversy last year. 

In her introduction to the volume, Philosophy Today editor Peg Birmingham (DePaul) notes about the controversy: “Almost entirely lacking in the maelstrom was any substantial engagement with Tuvel’s article.” The point of the symposium is offer that engagement.

The essays in the volume are:

On Intellectual Generosity: A Response to Rebecca Tuvel’s ‘In Defense of Transracialism’” by Chloë Taylor (Alberta).

Thinking through Rejections and Defenses of Transracialism” by Lewis Gordon (Connecticut)

Transracialism and White Allyship: A Response to Rebecca Tuvel” by Kris Sealey (Fairfield)

(Dis)Engaging with Race Theory: Feminist Philosophy’s Debate on ‘Transracialism’ as a Case Study” by Sabrina Hom (Georgia College)

Race and Method: The Tuvel Affair” by Tina Botts (CSU Fresno)

There is also a reply essay, “Racial Transitions and Controversial Positions,” by Tuvel (Rhodes College).

The whole issue is currently ungated and available here.

Ushio Shinohara, “Magenta from Acacia”

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