Philosophy Professor Suspended for Anti-Gay Facebook Post (updated)

Jean Laberge, a professor of philosophy at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal since 1994, was suspended from his position at the end of January, reportedly for writing about his “disgust for homosexuals” on Facebook.

The CBC reports:

In the Jan. 15 post entitled “Am I homophobic?” Jean Laberge describes homosexuality as a “primitive reaction” that degrades male sexuality. “The mechanistic genital conception of sexuality is perfectly debilitating and intolerable on the moral level,” the post read, referring to homosexuality. Laberge concludes that he is not homophobic, arguing that his opposition is not based on an irrational fear but a reasoned moral opposition. The post has been since removed from Laberge’s Facebook page… Laberge is a professed Catholic and attributed his opinions to his faith.

In an interview, Laberge said, “I’ve always had an unease about homosexuality. But I haven’t declared war against homosexuals… I have the right to not prefer homosexuality and invite people to not choose that way.”

According to the CBC, Laberge says he does not discuss his views of homosexuality in his classes.

A more recent article on the story reveals that unspecified “new elements” have prompted an “extended investigation,” and reports that a spokesperson from Cégep said that Laberge will not be returning to work “for an undetermined amount of time.”

Comments welcome from those more knowledgeable about the case or about academic freedom practices in Quebec.


UPDATE (2/20/18): The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship has sent a letter to the Cégep du Vieux Montréal regarding the suspension of Professor Laberge:

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