Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report of what’s new at some useful online philosophy resources.

We check the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), 1000-Word Philosophy, and occasionally some other sites for updates and report them right here.

If you think there are other regularly updated sites we should add to this feature, feel free to suggest them in the comments.



  1. Simon of Faversham, by Ana María Mora-Márquez (Götesborgs).
  2. Philo of Alexandria, by Carlos Lévy (Sorbonne (Paris IV)).
  3. Levels of Organization in Biology, by Markus I. Eronen (Groningen) and Daniel Stephen Brooks (Münster).


  1. Francis Herbert Bradley’s Moral and Political Philosophy, by David Crossley (Saskatchewan).
  2. Chance versus Randomness, by Antony Eagle (Adelaide).
  3. Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe, by Julia Driver (Washington-St. Louis).
  4. John Austin, by Brian Bix (Minnesota).
  5. Redistribution, by Christian Barry (Australian National).
  6. Value Pluralism, by Elinor Mason (Edinburgh).
  7. Robert Desgabets, by Patricia Easton (Claremont).
  8. Antoine Le Grand, by Patricia Easton (Claremont).
  9. The Kochen-Specker Theorem, by Carsten Held (Erfurt).
  10. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, by Dan Breazeale (Kentucky).
  11. Socrates, by Debra Nails (Michigan State).
  12. Plato on utopia, by Chris Bobonich (Stanford) and Katherine Meadows (Stanford).


1000-Word Philosophy

  1. Nietzsche and the Death of God, by Justin Remhof (Old Dominion).


  1. Yuval Avnur (Scripps College) reviews Science and Religion in Wittgenstein’s Fly-Bottle (Bloomsbury), by Tim Labron.
  2. Mark Okrent (Bates College) reviews Background Practices: Essays on the Understanding of Being (Oxford), by Hubert L. Dreyfus.
  3. Simon Blackburn (Cambridge) reviews Philosophical Provocations: 55 Short Essays (MIT), by Colin McGinn.
  4. Andrew Vincent (Cardiff University) reviews British Idealism and the Concept of the Self (Palgrave Macmillan), by W.J. Mander and Stamatoula Panagakou (eds.).
  5. Michael Kühler (University of Twente) reviews What Is Ethically Demanded?, K. E. Løgstrup’s Philosophy of Moral Life (Notre Dame), by Hans Fink and Robert Stern (eds.).
  6. Craig DeLancey (SUNY Oswego) reviews Living with Robots (Harvard), by Paul Dumouchel and Luisa Damiano.
  7. Luc Brisson (Centre Jean Pépin (CNRS)) reviews Plotinus (Routledge), by Eyjólfur K. Emilsson.

BONUS: “All paradoxes can be resolved by stupid bullshit

Compiled by Michael Glawson (University of South Carolina)


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