Good morning. Here’s the latest Mini-Heap—10 recent items of possible interest to those interested in philosophy, from the Heap of Links.

The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap.

Discussion welcome.

  1. What’s sold in the Metaphysical Supplies Shoppe? — Occam’s Disposable Razors, Cartesian Candles, and “some kinds of crystals and shit”
  2. Philosophers at CEU introduce the basic issues in philosophy of perception — in a brief and stylish video made by Jonny Hunter, a student there
  3. Needed: “a robust political ethics of resistance” — an interview with Tommie Shelby (Harvard) on ghettos, justice, and philosophy
  4. White nationalists (and others?) don’t appreciate that they are “beings not merely stamped by culture but creators of it as well” — Roman Altshuler (Kutztown) at the Philosophical Salon
  5. The Breakfast Club and belief in God — Agnes Callard (Chicago) on trying to believe
  6. Which philosophy videos (under 20 min long) posted on YouTube over the past year are the most popular? — Wisecrack’s productions are doing especially well
  7. Style, evidence, genealogy, metaphilosophy, and other problems Indian philosophy faces — an account from Christian Coseru (Charleston)
  8. The logic community — Greg Restall (Melbourne) wraps up his series of 12 things he loves about philosophical logic
  9. “Women perceived a deontological man as… more desirable for long-term mating” — and even as “short-term mates”, the study found, “utilitarian men were undesirable” (via Nina Strohminger)
  10. “Many puzzles about consciousness and qualia are based on flawed pictures of what such ‘things’ might be” — an interview with Andy Clark (Edinburgh)
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