Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report of what’s new at some useful online philosophy resources.

We check the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), Wi-Phi, and 1000-Word Philosophy for updates weekly and report them right here.

As usual, if you think there are other regularly updated sites we should add to this feature, feel free to suggest them in the comments.




  1. Conceptual Art, by Elisabeth Schellekens (Uppsala).
  2. Qualia, by Michael Tye (Texas).
  3. Plato’s Timaeus, by Donald Zeyl (St. Andrews) and Barbara Sattler (Rhode Island).
  4. Perfectionism in Moral and Political Philosophy, by Steven Wall (Arizona).
  5. Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking, by Katherine Brading (Duke), Elena Castellani (Florence), and Nicholas Teh (Notre Dame).
  6. Wittgenstein’s Logical Atomism, by Ian Proops (Texas).
  7. Religious Experience, by Mark Webb (Texas Tech).



  1. Sanford C. Goldberg (Northwestern) reviews The Philosophy of Trust (Oxford), by Paul Faulkner, and Thomas Simpson (eds.).
  2. Marc Bobro (Santa Barbara City College) reviews Leibniz on Causation and Agency (Cambridge), by Julia Jorati.
  3. Paisley Livingston (Uppsala and Copenhagen) reviews The Messages We Send: Social Signals and Storytelling (Oxford), by G. R. F. Ferrari.
  4. Melissa Frankel (Carleton) reviews Language and the Structure of Berkeley’s World (Oxford), by Kenneth L. Pearce.
  5. R. S. Kemp (Wheaton College) reviews In Praise of Heteronomy: Making Room for Revelation (Indiana), by Merold Westphal.
  6. Robert Wicks (Auckland) reviews The Kantian Foundation of Schopenhauer’s Pessimism (Routledge), by Dennis Vanden Auweele.
  7. Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern) reviews Herder: Philosophy and Anthropology (Oxford), by Anik Waldow, and Nigel DeSouza (eds.).
  8. Corey Katz (Ohio State) reviews The Ethics of Climate Engineering: Solar Radiation Management and Non-Ideal Justice (Routledge), by Toby Svoboda.
  9. Colin Allen (Pittsburgh) reviews Plant Minds: A Philosophical Defense (Routledge), by Chauncey Maher.
  10. Bonnie Kent (California-Irvine) reviews Selected Writings on Ethics (Oxford), by John Duns Scotus.


  1. New Atheists, by James E. Taylor (Westmont College).

1000-Word Philosophy

BONUS: What does wanting to travel back in time to kill baby Hitler say about us?

Compiled by Michael Glawson (University of South Carolina)


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Amy Bao
Amy Bao
6 years ago

Hey, I am a reader of Daily Nous and really like it, I found the entry of experimental philosophy has updated on 19th Dec, You can check it out on, I was wondering if you forgot add it in this weekly update ?
Best wishes ~ Amy Bao