Philosophers’ Imprint Seeks To Fill Editorial Positions

The journal Philosophers’ Imprint will be undergoing some editorial changes and is seeking to fill some positions, writes its founding co-editors Stephen Darwall (Yale) and David Velleman (NYU), and soon-to-be editor Brian Weatherson (Michigan):

Philosophers’ Imprint, an open-access, general-interest journal of philosophy, is seeking nominations—including self-nominations—for editorial positions. As the Imprint enters its 18th year of continuous publication, the founding Co-editors, Stephen Darwall (Yale) and David Velleman (NYU), will gradually transfer their duties to Professor Brian Weatherson, at the University of Michigan, where the journal began and is still published. We are seeking Co-editors and Associate Editors to assist him.

In recent years the journal has received roughly 500 submissions per year and published roughly 30. To date, Associate Editors have served as second readers in the selection of submissions to be sent to referees; the remainder of the editorial tasks have been handled by the Co-editors. New editorial staff will participate in determining the division of labor for the future.

The journal is run on a proprietary journal-management software platform, with a graduate-student research assistant and freelance copyeditor-typesetter funded by a minimal submission fee. Michigan Publishing, the scholarly publishing arm of the University of Michigan Library, hosts the contents online (for a portion of the submission fee) and guarantees its accessibility to future scholars.

We are seeking nominations from all faculty ranks and all areas of philosophy. Please contact [email protected]edu[email protected], or [email protected].

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