Sanders Foundation Announces 2017 Epistemology & Mind Prize Winners

The Marc Sanders Foundation has announced the winners of it 2017 Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind prizes.

The Epistemology Prize has been awarded to Miriam Schoenfield (MIT) for her paper, “Meditations on Beliefs Formed Arbitrarily.” The prize includes $10,000 and publication of the essay in Oxford Studies in Epistemology. Here is the abstract:

Had we grown up elsewhere or been educated differently, our view of the world would likely be radically different.  What to make of this? This paper takes an accuracy-centered first-personal approach to the question of how to respond to the arbitrary nature in which many of our beliefs are formed.  I show how considerations of accuracy motivate different responses to this sort of information depending on the type of attitude we take towards the belief in question upon subjecting the belief to doubt.

The Philosophy of Mind Prize has been awarded to Berislav Marusic (Brandeis) and John Schwenkler (Florida State) for their paper, “Intending is Believing.” The prize includes $10,000 and publication of the essay in Analytic Philosophy. Here is the abstract:

We argue that intentions are beliefs—beliefs that are held in light of, and made rational by, practical reasoning. To intend to do something is neither more nor less than to believe, on the basis of one’s practical reasoning, that one will do it. The identification of the mental state of intention with the mental state of belief is what we call strong cognitivism about intentions.

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