New Interdisciplinary Institute for Science & Technology Studies

The Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology & Society (AJI) has been launched at the University of South Carolina. 

The institute is named for Ann Johnson, who died last year at age 51. At the time of her death, she was associate professor of science and technology studies at Cornell University. For many years before that, she held appointments in philosophy and history at the University of South Carolina.

The institute’s goal is  to “continue Ann’s work in promoting interdisciplinary efforts focusing on science and technology studies,” according to a press release.

Its creation was spearheaded by South Carolina associate professor of philosophy Leah McClimans and associate professor of history Allison Marsh, who will be the co-directors of the institute.

One of the central ideas of AJI is “building diverse communities for the study of technology, medicine and science in past and present societies.” It will “bridge disciplinary silos” as well as “recognize and aid the fundamentally important, but nonetheless supererogatory work that faculty and staff perform as mentors, friends and advisors.” Its mission statement holds that “community is the method.”

As part of its programs, AJI will bring scholars to the University of South Carolina, support research and museum exhibits, and hold workshops for authors on their book manuscripts. A website for the institute is in the works. In the meanwhile, interested parties should contact Professor McClimans.

Ann Johnson

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