Here’s the latest edition of Mini-Heap—10 recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links. Feel free to discuss.

The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap.

  1. Philosophy comics on the web — a roundup in The Hindu Business Line
  2. “I can only guess whether he was the kind of old bachelor / who gave gifts to girls like a man sitting down / to an out-of-tune piano and who stubbornly keeps playing it. / A dram of vodka. A gunshot to the temple. The last dream” — poetry by philosopher Elvira Basevich (Michigan-Dearborn)
  3. “On this view there is essentially no connection between academic study, or rational inquiry, and the sort of political positions that individuals take” — Joseph Heath (Toronto) on the ideas underlying calls for affirmative action for conservatives in academia
  4. “I would like to see a class teaching critical thinking or philosophy in every school” — a mass shooting survivor fights violent political extremism among youth by engaging with their ideas (via Preston Stovall)
  5. The philosophy of friendship… with animals — John Hadley (Western Sydney) discusses it at The Philosopher’s Zone
  6. Dine with Kant — Alix Cohen (Edinburgh) is hosting
  7. A “realistic view of science as both value-laden and reliable” — it’s best to be transparent about the operation of values in science, argues Kevin Elliott (MSU)
  8. “Getting clear on the illicit authority that misogyny confers on certain actors and ways we can combat that partly by using disciplines like philosophy” — Kate Manne (Cornell) on WNYC
  9. “The ideal of ongoing self-government among equals does not entail that citizens must perpetually enact their civic role.” — so give your family a break and try “keeping politics in its place” this Thanksgiving, okay?
  10. The absurd — The Very Bad Wizards look at Nagel, Camus, and others
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