NJIT and Rutgers Newark Faculty Demand Alt-Right Colleague Be Fired

Members of the faculty and staff of the Federated History Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Rutgers University, Newark have called for Jason Jorjani, a humanities lecturer at NJIT with a PhD in philosophy from SUNY Stony Brook, to be fired.

In a statement published in the NJIT newspaper, The Vector, the faculty and staff write:

We, the faculty and staff of the Federated Department of History at New Jersey Institute of Technology, are writing to denounce NJIT University Lecturer Jason Jorjani’s views on race in his comments, writings, and interviews. A recent New York Times exposé, “Undercover with the Alt-Right,” highlighted his association with the alt-right, a white supremacist movement, and his apparent enthusiasm about the redemption of Adolf Hitler as a great world leader.  

The statement provides a few examples of Jorjani’s statements which, they say, “indicate that Dr. Jorjani is a proponent of racist ideologies.” They then object to his views because of their inaccuracy:

 Just as slave owners in antebellum America utilized the now-debunked science of phrenology to justify the bondage of African-Americans, so Jorjani utilizes discredited scientific studies on intelligence and heredity in order to segregate people into racial and ethnic hierarchies on the basis of his unscientific assumptions about their fitness for participation in civilized society.

They then object to his continued employment:

How can we trust Dr. Jorjani to educate and evaluate our students? Are we to assume that his published views on the “innate capacities” of different racial and ethnic groups will not influence his judgment about the diverse student body at NJIT?  Dr. Jorjani’s published beliefs create a hostile learning environment for students of color in particular, and his presence on the instructional staff at NJIT appears to legitimize discredited race-based ideas about intelligence and citizenship that have no place in academia.  It is our collective belief that Dr. Jorjani’s eventual termination as a University Lecturer would be justified and consistent with the principles of academic freedom and NJIT’s mission.

Last year, Jorjani complained about reports that SUNY Stony Brook was reviewing its decision to grant him a PhD (see this post).

Jorjani has since declared that he has left the alt-right, apparently because of disputes over obtaining financial support for one of the movement’s organizations and how “the corporation that was my brainchild turn[ed] into a magnet for white trash.”

His status at NJIT is being reviewed, according to an earlier report at The Vector.

Richard Spencer and Jason Jorjani. Image distorted because I don’t want to see the smiling faces of these schmucks.

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