Questions & Suggestions for the New PGR Editors

Work for the next edition of the Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR), a reputational ranking of doctoral programs in philosophy, is underway, with recent requests for updates to faculty lists. Since this edition of the PGR will be the first headed by its new editorial team—Berit Brogaard (Miami) and Christopher Pynes (Western Illinois)—it is a good time to seek information about the new editors’ plans and to share constructive advice about the report.

Past discussions of the PGR were often influenced by people’s opinions about the behavior of its creator and longtime editor, Brian Leiter (Chicago). Now that he is no longer an editor of the PGR, I’m hoping that we can have a productive conversation that focuses on the PGR (what it does, how it does it, who does what, its effects, how it fits with other information about philosophy programs, etc.) and not on Leiter. Such focus would make for a more useful discussion and would also save me a lot of time having to moderate comments.

Some of the past discussions are nonetheless worth drawing attention to, for instance, on the PGR’s “technical problems”, the specialty rankingsepistemological hurdles, and some of the effects of the report.

If you have suggestions for the new editors of the PGR, or questions for them, please share them in the comments. I’d be grateful if people refrained from unhelpful comments that merely say “shut down the PGR” (and I’d also be grateful if people refrained from commenting on this request).

We should appreciate the extra time that Professors Brogaard and Pynes are spending, on top of their regular academic responsibilities, to work on the PGR. I’m not sure they will have the time to participate in this discussion thread but they will be able to read your comments and questions. Thanks.


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