Brooklyn College / CUNY Philosopher Among Faculty Targeted By Anti-Muslim Organization

Samir Chopra, a professor of philosophy at Brooklyn College and City University of New York (CUNY), is among faculty and students being slandered as “terrorist supporters” by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a rightwing, anti-Muslim organization.

The names appear on posters put up around the Brooklyn College campus. Illustrations of Chopra and his colleague, political theorist Corey Robin, also appear on the posters.

The following poster was affixed to a recycling bin (I’ve blurred the names of those not mentioned in this article):


Similar posters have appeared on other campuses. Last week the following poster was put up on the UC Berkeley campus (again, names have been blurred):

The posters at Berkeley were removed by university facilities services, according to The Daily CalifornianIn the past, Horowitz has claimed responsibility for similar posters.

Chopra, who also appears on the watch-list of another anti-Muslim group, Canary Watch,  has pointed to a post at his blog for part of the explanation for why he has been targeted by Horowitz. In it, he recounts his testimony at a university hearing on behalf of students threatened with disciplinary action for protesting Zionism on campus.

Of the posters, Chopra says: “this is a clumsy and blatant attempt to intimidate and cow me, and it won’t work.”

(Note: shortly after being published, this post was updated to mention that students’ names were among those on the posters. According to its website, the David Horowitz Freedom Center “protects students from indoctrination and intimidation.” The David Horowitz Freedom Center also papers students’ campuses with posters naming them and calling them “terrorist supporters.” Huh.)

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