Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links, collected and numbered for your convenience. 

As usual, if you have suggestions for the Heap, please send ’em in.

  1. Mathematicians measure infinities — and find they’re equal
  2. The Illusions Index — a resource for deceiving your senses (via Umut Baysan)
  3. Emerita Quito, “the Philippines’ greatest female philosopher,” has died — she wrote over 20 books and was “a trailblazing scholar, a prolific writer, and a sought-after lecturer”
  4. The Bertrand Russell archive at McMaster University will have a new home — “the archive is the largest available on Russell anywhere”
  5. The Eagles’ Don Henley and filmmaker Ken Burns are Thoreau fans — and Burns has made a short film about the philosopher
  6. “It’s time that faculty members honored the work that graduate students do by actually scrutinizing it—as opposed to demanding that they produce more and more of it” — CHE picks up on Velleman’s publication proposal
  7. The University of Colorado just bought $47,000 worth of merchandise from a former philosophy professor it tried to fire — David Barnett’s PopSockets are just that good
  8. “Gavagai” — an “extraordinary movie” — but it’s unclear what its message is
  9. Philosophy Talk, the radio show, names new hosts — John Perry will become “host emeritus”
  10. “We avoid the interference available to our digital providers only insofar as they are willing to be indulgent” — Philip Pettit (Princeton/ANU) on online freedom
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