Two Philosophers Elected to Royal Society of Canada

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC), the premier academic organization in Canada which, among other things, recognizes scholarly achievement, has named two philosophers among its class of 2017 Fellows. 

They are:

  • Dominic McIver Lopes, Distinguished University Scholar and Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia.
    From the RSC announcement:
    Dominic Lopes has proposed new theories of images and their value, the nature of computer and digital art, the nature of art in general, and the special place of aesthetic value in the human experience. In six books and many articles, he has been resolute and effective in helping to reinvigorate aesthetics in North America and abroad.
  • William Sweet, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Philosophy, Theology and Cultural Traditions at St Francis Xavier University.
    From the RSC announcement:
    William Sweet is an internationally-recognized scholar of the idealist movement in 19th- and early 20th – century Britain. His careful, historically-grounded and innovative scholarship on this movement has led to a re-evaluation of the work of some of its key figures and of its bearing on contemporary political philosophy as a whole. The recipient of numerous awards and honours, he has been invited to present his work across the globe.

Further information about election to the RSC, which is understood to be “the highest honour a scholar can achieve in the Arts, Humanities and Sciences” in Canada, is here. The full list of new fellows is here.

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