New Philosophy TV Show: Ethics Matters

Ethics Matters is a new television show that debuted yesterday on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s youth-oriented channel, ABC 3.

The show, hosted by Dan Halliday, a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Melbourne, has a dozen 12-minute episodes so far, each on some aspect of ethical theory or a contemporary moral or political problem. [Update: you don’t need to be in Australia to watch it. The episodes are viewable at the show’s website.]

Guest philosophers featured on the show include Elizabeth Anderson, Christian Barry, Monima Chadha, Tony Coady, Bronwyn Finnigan, Serene Khader, Luke Russell, Julian Savulescu, Robert Simpson, Peter Singer, Jiewuh Song, Katie Steele, John Tasioulas, Janna Thompson, John Thrasher, Caroline West and others.

The show is bundled with a new podcast, Dialogues, hosted by Christian Barry, and a series of essays called The Issue.

The trailer for the show is below. More information is here.

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